January 2021

Fellow Residents of Mallard Landing

As we continue to deal with the COVID-19 Virus we should make sure we observe the “Social Distancing” and Hygiene recommendations. We can still maintain friendships and conversations with neighbors but please respect their need to be distant. At this time the park will remain open. Please follow CDC and County guidelines and keep gatherings to just a few people.

Somethings we can all do to make our community safer are:

  • -If a neighbor’s routine changes, please take a moment to check on them to see if everything is OK.
  • -Keep an eye out for unusual or suspicious activity. The old adage “see something, say something” should also apply now. To facilitate reporting of suspicious activity we can use the St. Johns County “non-emergency” reporting system.
    • Racetrack field office (8am-12pm and 1pm-5pm) 904-209-2150
    • Main Office (after hours) 904-824-8304 (you will be directed through a menu of options)
  • Emergency Situations: call 911